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Village of Libertyville

Highlands Subdivision Flood Reduction Project

Project Progress

The Village of Libertyville is excited to announce the start of the design phase of the Highlands Subdivision Flood Reduction Project.  This important project was outlined in the recently completed Master Stormwater Management Plan


The design phase will be completed by Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL) and will last approximately 1-2 years.  It will begin with surveyors from CBBEL completing a topographic survey of the neighborhood, which will start in July and last 1-2 months.  The topographic survey will only include the roadway Right of Way (ROW) and park areas at this time.

The schedule for commencement of construction for this project is unknown at this time and is dependent on the Village establishing a funding mechanism.  Funding is only available for initial design services at this time.

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Correspondence Distribution Map 

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Subsurface Exploration Map 

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Project Update 08/20/2020 – Subsurface Exploration

As survey data collection continues, some residents may notice painted or flagged markings on the ground within the survey area limits. These markings have been placed on the ground to indicate where existing underground utilities (electric, gas, telecommunications, etc.) are located. The markings do not represent locations for proposed storm sewers. The markings have been provided to assist with subsurface exploration activities. 


Subsurface exploration includes the collection of soil and pavement cores that will be analyzed, and the data will be used during the design process. The approximate location of the soil and pavement cores is shown on the Subsurface Exploration Location exhibit. The location of the existing underground utilities will be used to avoid hitting these utilities as samples are collected.

A Project Stakeholder Meeting was held on
November 16, 2021.

You can view exhibits presented at this meeting on the
Resources page.