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Village of Libertyville

Highlands Subdivision Flood Reduction Project

Construction Updates

06/2/23 Detour Route

The Highlands Subdivision Flood Reduction Project is advancing into the next phase of sewer installations and will require an extended road closure of Crane Blvd and Rockland Rd (between Dymond & Garfield). The closure and detour route are scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 8th and are anticipated to remain in place into July.  Please see the Detour Route Map for more information.

Detour Route - Crane Rockland Closure.jpg


The Contractor will finish patching the roads west of the park early next week.  Starting Thursday 6/8 Crane will be closed to thru traffic between Dymond and Garfield as the next phase of storm sewer installation begins.  Traffic will be routed around the work zone for several weeks while the pipe is installed on Crane.  Please watch for signs and choose an alternate route.


The Contractor will begin restoring the roads where storm sewer has been installed so far (Crestfield, Dymond, Shari and Harms) before beginning pipe installation on Crane. Next week curb will be removed and replaced followed by asphalt patching of the trench and disturbed pavement.  If the curb in front of a driveway needs to be replaced, a construction notice will be delivered giving the dates when the driveway will be inaccessible.  During asphalt patching, travel will be difficult on affected roads so please try to avoid driving through the work zone.



An open house will be held Wednesday March 22, 2023, from 4PM to 6PM at the Village of Libertyville Village Hall, located at 118 W Cook Avenue to discuss Phase 2 of the Nicholas Dowden Flood Control Project in more detail. Construction is set to begin the week of March 27. 

Phase 2 includes storm sewer installation throughout the surrounding neighborhood streets to route stormwater to the newly constructed storage area in Nicholas Dowden Park south of Crane Blvd as shown in the location map below.  The construction of relief storm sewers will commence along Harms, Shari, Dymond, Crestfield, Crane, Drake, Rockland, Burdick, Ames, Auston and Ash (streets) within their respective right of ways.  The design of the storm sewers combined with the storage component will provide approximately a 100-year level of service for majority of the structures impacted in this area.


Work in the Park will continue in March and April to complete the softball fields and storage building.  Storm sewer installation throughout the surrouding neighborhood streets will begin in late March and continue through November 2023. 

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